Educational Material, Slide Shows and Multimedia Presentations

Economics of Precision Agriculture:

Profitability of Site-Specific Management (.pdf), Presented by Jess Lowenberg-DeBoer, NC State University Field at Plymouth, August 6, 2002

Precision Farming in General:

Tri-State Tutorial on Site-Specific Farming, University of Kentucky, The Ohio State University, Purdue University

Geographical Information Systems ("GIS"):


Global Positioning Systems ("GPS"):


Remote Sensing:

Data in GIS: Remote Sensing, Prof. Carolyn Merry Dept. of Civil & Environmental Engineering & Geodetic Science College of Engineering, Ohio State University

Overview RS-Basics Digital Lectures, Author: Jan Clevers,  the Laboratory of Geo-Information Science and Remote Sensing, Wageningen University and Research Centre, 6700 HB Wageningen, the Netherlands.

Remote Sensing Course On Line by Planetek Italia, available in Italian and English languages.

APFO ESRI PPT Presentation by Bruce Finch, USDA Aerial Photography Field Office, Salt Lake City, Utah, July 9, 2002.

Variable Rate Technology ("VRT"):

In-Season Prediction of Yield Potential in Winter Wheat, Precision Agriculture, Oklahoma State University


Yield Monitors:



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